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Keith & Andre West-Harrison

Keith & Andre West-Harrison have taken their varied experience and created the first luxury French Quarter spa oasis. Miss Celie's Spa Orleans became the top rated New Orleans spa within two years of opening. 

Now part of Preston Professional Inc., these “Master Retail Magicians” train spa owners and therapists how to be successful and satisfied in their careers. Known for their motivational and entertaining presentations, Keith & André teach their “client first” sales and customer service methods in spa seminars and tradeshows. This proven approach allowed their spa to realize a 300 percent increase in retail sales!

Keith & André's success has been featured in American Spa, Skin Inc., Spa Management Journal, Entrepreneur and Vogue magazines. 

Their journey to create a profitable spa has been captured for two seasons on the AOL online reality show The StartUp. During this time they overcame all the typical issues that plague day spas: employee turnover, morale, training, retail sales and more. The AOL for Small Business feature continues through 2006.

Through their Virtual Partner™ coaching and mentoring programs they help owners to use management systems that make their business profitable and personally rewarding. 

Get Branded!

How A House Brand Builds Profit

How did Estee Lauder and Max Factor start? Whether you want fame or just to make a good living: get branded.

As the operator of a day spa, salon, or esthetics clinic you've no doubt by now discovered one undeniable reality: that hard work and huge sales doesn't always mean a decent income for you.

Keith & Andre West-Harrison of Preston Inc. will cover the top 7 reasons to have your own brand.

In the competitive day spa and on-line retail markets, branding your own line is one of the few ways to make a profit and build loyalty from your customers.

Former New Orleans Miss Celie's Spa Orleans owners discuss their spa's move to a “Spa Orleans” brand. The simple process created much needed revenue and a 300 percent increase in retail sales! They will walk you through the simple process from brand creation to selling your first professional-quality serum with 800% mark-up.


Hannelore R. Leavy

Hannelore R. Leavy has lived the spa life all her life. Born and raised in Vienna , Austria where spas are a way of life. When moving to the United States , she started to promote health vacations to European spas in her capacity as Marketing Director of the Austrian National Tourist Office. Her 20+ years of experience in the promotion of travel and tourism made her a natural candidate to become "Jeffrey Joseph's Spa-Finders" Vice President of Sales and Marketing and the Associate Publisher of THE SPA FINDER in 1986. She was the innovator of many of Spa Finder's projects, including the acceptance of advertising in the Spa Finder catalog and the organization of the first Spa Symposium in 1990 from which I/SPA (International Spa Association) emerged.

Since the mid-eighties Hannelore has been a strong force in forming the U.S. spa industry. She is considered a major source for information on spas in general and the day spa industry in particular, which she started to identify as early as 1991, conducting a 3-year research study on this emerging market, which resulted in the publication of the first Day Spa Directory in 1994. She is the Founder and Executive Director of THE DAY SPA ASSOCIATION, a professional association dedicated to the education of the consumer as to the benefits and availability of spa treatments and for professionals to preserve and elevate the standard of spa services.

Hannelore has been conducting workshops at all major esthetic, massage & spa trade shows since the early 1990's, she is a frequent presenter at spa industry/expert panels. She was recently honored to address the Spa Conference at Shanghai , China to present the Day Spa industry to this emerging market and is involved in the forming of the China Spa Association. The European Spa industry is also looking to her to learn from their American counter parts, which she is representing at Cosmoprof , Italy . She is a frequent contributor to all trade publications that make up the spa industry, as well as sought after by its' writers for expert advice. In addition, many spa books, both for the consumers and the spa trade include forwards written by her, and quote her frequently.

To reach the consumer, Hannelore has appeared on television programs such as CNN Financial News and CNBC, has been quoted hundreds of times in newspapers and magazines like the New York Times, New York Magazine, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, St. Louis Dispatch, LA Magazine, The New Yorker, Inc., Entrepreneur, Forbes, Time Magazine just to name a few, and is sought after to speak at women's business gatherings and workshops. She is the co-author with Dr. Reinhard Bergel of the best-selling book THE SPA ENCYCLOPEDIA, the first-ever compilation of over 100 traditional spa treatments, including their benefits and contra-indications, an invaluable tool for spa professionals, and a guide for the consumer for learn about spa treatments. She is presently working on her second volume, which concentrates on the skincare treatments at spas and the anti-aging evolution. Subsequent books are planned to address other major components of a spa.

Realizing the trend in the market place towards medical spa services, she founded THE INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL SPA ASSOCIATION in 2002, of which she is the Executive Director and is rapidly becoming the spokes person for the Medical Spa industry throughout the world.

Sherry D. Fields – Warm Spirit 3 Diamond National Vice President

As a lover of the spa industry and a self proclaimed “Pamper Queen”, Sherry was so excited to discover Warm Spirit at a conference in 2000. She immediately fell in love with the products and the concept of bringing the spa into the comfort of your own home. She became a customer on the spot and shared the products with several friends.

After an unexpected job loss in 2001, Sherry decided to become an independent consultant with Warm Spirit and generate a stream of income from having spa parties and teaching others how to take better care of themselves every day. Warm Spirit was attractive to her because they were positioned for success – the spa industry was growing rapidly, the products were spa quality and nature based, the investment cost was low and they offered the ability to work at your own pace.

Sherry says that being a part of Warm Spirit and the spa industry has really changed her life – “I now have a thriving home-based business in a growing industry and I love what I do. I have made many wonderful friends, received recognition for a job well done and helped change the lives of many individuals across the country”.

In September of 2005, Sherry was featured in Essence Magazine’s article on “How to Make $100,000+ From Home”. Sherry has enjoyed the position of the top earner in the company for most of 2005 and was the first consultant in the company to earn a $20,000+ monthly check.

You will often hear Sherry brag that after working in corporate America for over 13 years, it is refreshing to know that there is an alternative. The spa industry offers the unique opportunity to earn income by selling pampering products, while experiencing the enjoyment of a relaxing lifestyle. Seizing the empowering indulgence of this industry, Sherry has achieved the ability to live where she wants, work the hours she chooses, get paid what she is worth and live the life of her dreams!

Elaine Sterling

Non-surgical alternatives - Anti-aging treatments

Elaine Sterling, is an internationally trained and certified Beauty
Therapist and she currently holds the position of Director of Education at
ISSN (International School of Skin and Nails in Atlanta, Georgia). Elaine
takes the stage to educate you about the latest and greatest skin treatments
the beauty industry has to offer. All of these non-surgical alternatives
from Microdermabrasion, Skin Peels to Microcurrent will be explained. Get
"RED CARPET READY" like the stars do before a big event with anti-aging
treatments that will help you reveal a more younger, beautiful skin.

Internationally trained and certified beauty therapist. Originally from South Africa she holds both the prestigious CIDESCO(switzerland) and ITEC(London) certifications. Elaine is presently the director of education for ISSN (international school of skin and nailcare) Elaine has a passion for skin health and while speaking and writing about the "Theater of the spa experience" she is passionate about the power of the well trained spa professional and how their healing touch can affect peoples lives.




Chef Michael Tuohy has been a star on Atlanta 's dining scene since he arrived here in 1986, a 24-year old chef lured by partners who would back his first restaurant.  His partners realized that Atlanta 's growing population had little in the way of exciting restaurants.  Tuohy didn't disappoint them.  A San Francisco native, he brought a passion for California cuisine and is recognized for introducing these ingredient-focused, simply-prepared dishes to Atlanta with the opening of Chefs' Café that same year.  From its inception to his second restaurant, Chefs' Grill, and later Ocean Club, Tuohy's restaurants were consistently named among Atlanta 's best by the media and diners alike.  Ten years after the opening of Chefs' Café, Tuohy would close all three restaurants and embark on stints at eateries around the Southeast, before opening Woodfire Grill in 2002.

Tuohy began his career in San Francisco at age 15 as a dishwasher, graduating to bus boy, and later line cook.  He attended the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management, Operations and Culinary Arts at City College of San Francisco while working at the Olympic Country Club under Chef Jean-Pierre Mercanton.  He later extended an internship with the Five-Star Four Seasons Clift Hotel into a two-year job.  He went on to join Chef Joyce Goldstein, of Square One Restaurant, and launched a casual Italian café concept called Caffe Quadro. This would prove pivotal to Tuohy's career as it was his first experience with daily changing menus and seasonal, locally-grown ingredients.  Square One Restaurant and Caffe Quadro were known for their authentic Mediterranean, North African and South American flavors and Tuohy would incorporate this into his own personal style. He also had the opportunity to work with Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein, son of Chef Joyce, who was the architect of the restaurant's award-winning wine list.

With a bright career as a chef ahead of him, he set out for Atlanta to begin his career as a restaurateur incorporating his vast experience of California cuisine with a strong knowledge of wine and front-of-the-house expertise.  In Atlanta he would serve on the board of the local chapter of the American Institute of Wine & Food, as well as the boards of Atlanta 's Table, the Organic Growers Association and the High Museum Wine Auction.  He chaired the Olympic Task Force for the Georgia Hospitality and Travel Association and was co-founder of the Downtown Restaurant Association. He also supported the local Red Cross, AID Atlanta and numerous other organizations.

In 1996, he launched a restaurant consulting service, which included work for Murphy's, Indigo, and the development and successful launch of the Fishmonger Seafood Grill.  He later consulted for Sunset Grill in Nashville where he helped redesign the kitchen and acquire the space next door, enabling the restaurant to add a 70-seat private room.  He assisted with the revision of the Coyote Café Cookbook with his cousin, famed Chef/Restaurateur Mark Miller and helped Chef Miller with menu development for the La Cantera resort fine dining restaurant Francesca's in San Antonio , Texas , a Starwood Hotel property.

In 2000 he joined Murphy's full-time and helped modernize the menu.  But his desire to open his dream restaurant was strong.  In early 2002 he signed a lease on the space formerly occupied by Marra's Seafood Grill for Woodfire Grill.  Tuohy's cooking has always had a flair for seasonality, freshness and creativity matched by a depth of knowledge and experience in paring wines with foods.  Woodfire Grill is a culmination of fabulous food and great wines in a comfortable neighborhood restaurant.

Woodfire Grill, which opened in August 2002, is a smoke-free environment that serves dinner Monday through Thursday from 5:30 - 10 p.m., and dinner on Friday and Saturday from 5:30 – 11 p.m.  The restaurant is closed on Sundays.  For reservations call 404-347-9055 or visit .  Complimentary valet parking is available.


Title: Learn, Dream and Achieve!

Topic: Discover the products, team and proven system to generate a 6-figure residual income in the health and wellness industry. Unveil your true earning potential!

Brief Summary of Lecture:
Learn how to create your personal low-risk and high-reward business by partnering with a well-financed, 26 year old wellness company that delivers result-oriented, botanically-based products for all ages. Uncover the simple, well timed, proven system for building a profitable business from a successful team.


Sibley Gammon

Sibley Gammon is an Executive National Vice President with Arbonne International, a 26 year old company promoting health, wellness and anti-aging products. The proud mother of 2 year old twins and happily married to radio station broker Tom Gammon, Sibley has been in business with Arbonne International for two years, earning in excess of $700,000 during that time. Sibley has created a business that generates more than $5 million in monthly sales by teaching others how to build an internet-based, word-of-mouth, consumer network. Her motivation is to help people save time and money, use pure and safe products that deliver fantastic results, and teach others how to earn a substantial residual income through building a home-based business.

Amy Dirksen

Amy Dirksen is an Executive Regional Vice President with Arbonne International, a 26 year old company promoting health, wellness and anti-aging products. A very successful real estate sales agent in the South Florida area, Amy has been in business with Arbonne International for approximately six months and is based in Atlanta and Miami. Amy is a partner in a business that produces more than $5 million in monthly sales by teaching others how to build an internet-based, word-of-mouth, consumer network. Her motivation is to help people save time and money, use pure and safe products that deliver fantastic results, and teach others how to earn a substantial residual income through building a home-based business.





Melody Baker,  Senior Representative - Skirt Magazine

Lecture Title: Three steps to defining your Niche Market

Lecture Topic: Marketings Tips for you Spa, Salon or Boutique

Lecture Summary

Target marketing is designed to reach a specific demographic and interest. Waste exposure is diminished  because you are effectively reaching the segment most likely to react to your product or service. Effectively and Strategically marketing your Spa, Salon or Boutique will guarantee return on investments, increased business while establishing an distinct image for your organization.

Bachelor of Science Degree - Public Relations - Ball State University

Master of Arts in Organizational Management - University of Phoenix

Over 16 years of Advertising Sales - Newspaper and Radio (5 years with Cox Communications)

Certified in Marketing to Older Adults - National Home Builders Association

Member -- Sales and Marketing Council - Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association

Vice-President and member of Board of Directors  of  50+ Council - Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association

Mother of 3 beautiful daughters - One handsome husband.

Founder of HLM Inc. - (Private foundation committed to Senior and Youth development)


Kimberly Crawford,M.D.,F.A.C.P.M

There is an increasingly well known link between your total body anti-oxidant levels and the amount of aging in your entire body;including your skin,hair,and nails. The aging process can be delayed if there is the proper amount of the correct anti-oxidants in the bloodstream,and in the tissues of the human body. We will demonstrate to you how the most important beauty regimen you can undertake is to be sure that your "anti-oxidant score" is as high as possible. No matter what you put on your face, it will not matter if your internal anti-oxidants are low. The ramifications for this are not just beauty of course;your overall health is governed by this score as well. Find out just HOW much it matters; with your host John Whittaker,Phd;and your co-host Kimberly Crawford,M.D.,F.A.C.P.M.






Michael Beresford, BSc

Lecture Title: Austrian Moor Therapy For Health, Beauty & Rejuvenation

Lecture Topic: This lecture will explain what Moor is, the different types of Moor, where they come from, and how Moor can be used for creating a wide range of skin-care, body-care and wellness treatments at home or in the spa.

Lecture Summary: Moor Therapy is one of the most widely used forms of traditional spa treatment in Europe and is rapidly becoming a hot menu item at spas throughout North America. During this lecture we will explore what Moor is; the different types of Moor, how they are formed and what are their properties; and how Moor can be used at home or in the spa to create a wide range of wellness-oriented skin, body and wellness treatments. We will also look at how a full line of moor-based spa products is manufactured and discuss the importance of using only natural-source ingredients. We will also give you advice on how to identify products which are free of synthetic preservatives, petroleum-derivatives and other potentially harmful ingredients.

Speaker Name : Michael Beresford, BSc

Bio : Michael Beresford is the President and Founder of Moor Spa Inc. based in Vancouver, Canada. He has been an active participant and keen observer of trends in the spa industry for over 10 years. Moor Spa is one of only a few 100% natural-source lines of skin-care, body-care and wellness products available in the spa industry. Based on the healing properties of the Austrian Deep Moor, the line is now distributed in over 15 countries. Michael has lectured extensively on Moor therapy at spa industry events around the world, established complete cost-effective spa systems for small- to medium-sized health clubs and fitness centres throughout the USA, and created an innovative digital label printing system for custom branding of spa products. Michael has a BSc degree in Pure Sciences from the University of Reading in England.

Moor Spa is a member of the Day Spa Association and ISPA and the preferred spa product vendor for CMS International - the world's largest consulting company in the Health Club industry. You can contact Michael at



Life Changes Wellness & Prevention

Mark Walker retired this year from a 20-year career in selling and delivering training for corporations around the country.

Mark is a skilled facilitator in sales training, customer service training and sales coaching. He has also conducted workshops in effective listening skills, time management, goal setting, and project management. In his training career, Mark helped more than thirty five thousand people increase their effectiveness in all areas of life.

Almost five years ago, Mark saw a need and an opportunity in the wellness industry, and took it. He begin his own wellness and prevention company part time. He is now a member of the AmeriSciences Executive President's Partnership Club, and enjoys the challenge of building his own wellness marketing and distribution company.

A graduate of the University of Minnesota, Mark has done graduate work in Human Resources Development at George Washington University. He is a volunteer Boy Scout leader, and a retired Navy Reserve Captain. Mark is married to Dr. Judy C. Walker, a licensed family therapist. He and Judy are the parents of four, and the grandparents of nine.


Dawn E. Riddle – Aesthetician

Dawn E. Riddle started her career by obtaining her Medical Assistant degree at Medix School in 1995. While working in the medical field, Dawn was able to work very closely with a facial plastic surgeon where her interest in skin care expanded. Dawn is a graduate of International School of Skin and Nail Care and is currently enrolled in the International Dermal Institute to obtain a postgraduate degree in skin care. Expanding her medical background, Dawn is currently enrolled at Kennesaw State University to obtain her RN Degree. Dawn's skin care qualifications include, but are not limited to, Palomar Lasers, Vasculight SR Lasers, Coolglied Vantage Lasers, Thermage, Microdermabrasion, LED, Restylane Injections, Botox Injections, and Chemical Peels. Dawn is currently the Senior Educator and Trainer for esenté of Georgia.





Title: The Skin Care Products for Today's Spas, Medi-Spas, Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons

Topic: Why request a Physioceutical product line.

Summary: Today, one should expect skin care products to not only produce the primary sought after visible results, but also deliver physiological benefits to the skin. The products of today should incorporate anti-ageing, reparative, protective and restorative aspects to simultaneously affect the skin for a long term positive result. Physioceutical formulations provide both preventative and corrective benefits. A Physioceutical product line is a collection of cosmetic formulations which physiologically support the needs and functions of the skin. This all-encompassing approach redefines the rules of skin care. There are fifteen components that a product must encompass in order to qualify as a Physioceutical. These include pharmaceutical grade ingredients, antioxidants, aromatherapy, and peptides to provide the desired effect while addressing the overall health of the skin. We will explain this concept in layman's terms thereby enabling one to seek a Physioceutical product line at their favorite Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon.


Shelby Miles

Shelby Miles is a Wellness Industry Recruiter with a passion for speaking about how to optimize one's own wellness. Wellness is a ‘buzz' word that has many people asking, “what is wellness?” Shelby is known as “The Queen of Total Wellness” which is also the name of her company. Referred to as “The Queen” be prepared for a high energy, educational and fun presentation. “The Queen” will be exposing the hidden secret to optimal health and aging. She looks forward to your presence in the Royal Court!









Rhett Bergeron , MD

Lecture Title: Thermography

Lecture Topic:Thermal Imaging - An ideal screening test for early detection of changes is breast health.

Lecture Summary:  Infrared Imaging used for visualizing the body's physiologic response with no risks or side effects.









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